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What I Offer

Thorough Physiotherapy Assessment and treatment

this involves a detailed discussion of your issue, which is the most important part of an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive physical assessment. At the end of the assessment I explain to you my findings in full as I work on the principle that the more understanding you have the easier it is to manage and the quicker the recovery.

A plan of on-going treatment will then be discussed which can consist of Joint manipulation and mobilization for stiff and painful joints, soft tissue work including massage and myofascial release and specific rehabilitation exercises.

Fees: Initial assessment £60 Follow up £45

Post surgery or post fracture rehabilitation

I have extensive experience of post surgical rehabilitation whether that is ACL reconstruction or repair, rotator cuff repair or any other surgery I can help guide you back to where you want to be.

Fees: for varying surgical procedures I can do packages of treatment at reduced rates to usual physio sessions moreso for lengthy rehabillitation. Please call to discuss.

Shock Wave Treatment

This is a specialist form of treatment for conditions such as tendon and fascia injuries such as achilles tendinopathy (tendonitis), tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis amongst many others.

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Fees: £100 per session over minimum of 3 sessions including full physio assessment

Sports specific rehabilitation

Whatever your sport or activity a specific rehab program would be created to build up to your goal whatever that may be.

Fees: Initial assessment £60 Follow up £45

Full Body Biomechanical assessment

This involves an array of biomechanical assessment techniques including video analysis e.g of running or your tennis serve to isolate any imbalance or lack of control.  Addressing such issues can help improve performance as well prevent injury. A tailored exercise program is then invariably issued to address any findings.

Fees: £65 without video analysis £85 with video anaysis

Ergonomic assessments

Assessment of you and your workstation to ensure optimal working environment and address any issues causing discomfort or pain and prevent further problems.

Fees: £120

Pain management

Long-standing painful conditions need a specific tailored program focusing on managing the pain and minimizing the impact on your life. This will involve a detailed breakdown of daily activity as well as looking into any other environmental factors such as work and life stress that can ‘feed’ the pain cycle.

Fees: Initial assessment £60 Follow up £45

Joint manipulation and mobilization

For stiff and painful joints hands on techniques can be used to help their mobility and reduce tenderness and pain.

Soft tissue techniques

Including massage and myofascial release. Often your soft tissue such as muscle or fascia (other soft tissue) can create a restriction or abnormal pattern of movement and releasing this out can restore normal patterns of movement.